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Stressed Woman

Welcome to Hope and Renewal

Sexual betrayal is devastating for the woman. There are many programs for the men who are in unhealthy sexual behaviors, there is little help for women who find married to men who struggle or are in relationships with men who struggle with unhealthy sexual behavior. Combined with the loneliness of having to deal with the pain and trauma of betrayal, a woman can spiral down into complete darkness and despair.


In our groups you will find safe and loving acceptance. We have been where you are and together, we are finding hope, healing and restoration in God who knows our deep pain and wounds. He embraces us with an amazing love and the loving and compassionate arms of sisters who are on the same journey as you. We offer Spirit led, Spirit empowered curriculum based in the truth of who God is and how He has created us to live. Groups provide the safety and security you need to begin to open up and share with our sisters who are on the same restoration journey as you are.

Hope After Betrayal

This twelve week intensive study is designed to give you a safe place with other women like you who have been devastated by their husbands sexual betrayal. The small gives you the freedom and space, in an environment of love and grace. to explore the pain and trauma suffered by you. Please contact Leona for times, dates and availability of this group.

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Sexual Integrity 101

This eight week course is a co-ed introduction to what biblical sexual integrity looks like and the roots of some of our unwanted sexual behavoir.  Created by Pure Desire Ministries, this series takes an in depth look at the physical, spiritual and relational ramifications of unhealthy sexual behaviors.  Please contact us for available times and dates both in person and online.

Betrayal and Beyond

This ten to twelve month in depth study picks up where Hope After Betrayal leaves off. Betrayal and Beyond goes deeper to discover the pain and trauma that the sexual betrayal may have uncovered. This work helps women to heal at the deepest core of their wounds, allowing Jesus to meet them at their deepest point of need. Please contact Leona for the dates, times and availability. Space is limited

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Cleansing Stream Ministries

Healing and restoration requires an holistic approach that engages the body, soul and spirit. Our ministry partner at Cleansing Stream Ministries offer spiritual healing and deliverance for many issues including sexual brokenness and betrayal. For dates and times for classes and retreats, please contact them at 

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