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Our Story

Men in Community on the Journey to Recovery

Ephesians 5:3 says, “But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality or of greed or any kind of impurity for this is improper for Gods holy people.”

The foundation of a man of Ephesians 5:3 is that he strives to walk before the Lord as Godly man in sexual integrity both physically and mentally. While we know that we still live in these fleshly bodies, God’s grace gives us the power to walk in integrity. Our walk is not about perfection but about integrity. In 1 John 1:9 Jesus helps us to keep and maintain our integrity when we openly confess our sins to Him and one another, He purifies us from all unrighteousness. Being a Godly man in every area of our lives is our highest and greatest goal.

Through online groups and one on one mentoring, we help men break the cycle of acting out sexually. We dig deeper with the help of the lord to uncover the root causes of why we act out in habitual sexual sin. Often, we find that traumatic experiences from our childhood can play a part in our using unwanted sexual behavior to soothe our pain.

Groups We offer

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Conquer Series

This eleven week online small group intensive is designed to help men break the cycle of unwanted sexual behavior. It is the first step to finding freedom and restoration. We use Spirit led and Spirit empower curriculum in safe small groups where accountability to Christ and one another is key. We run spring, summer and fall sessions. Please contact us for more information on time and availability.

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Seven Pillars of Freedom

The next step in the healing and recovery journey is our ten to twelve month course that picks up where Conquer Series ends. This online weekly course runs in a safe and accountability driven small group of no more that six men. The group digs deep to find the roots of unwanted sexual behaviors and many other unhealthy behaviors to begin to find true and lasting freedom in Christ. Please contact us for dates and times as space is limited and start times may vary.

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Men's Discipleship Small Groups

Walking in freedom and sexual integrity is a lifelong journey. Our mens discipleship groups are men looking to continue the journey together by deepening their relationships with Christ and other men as they do life together. These groups are continuous with no beginning or end. We continue to grow in spiritual and relational maturity by walking through various Spirit led Spirit empowered curriculum. Please contact us for group availability and current series curriculum. 


Christian Life and Professional Life Coaching

Has God given you a vision to become all He has created you to be personally or professionally but don't know how to get there from here? Kingdom Vision Consulting can help you get there. I am Joseph Njoku Obi, a certified Christian and Professional Life Coach. I am passionate about helping men fulfill all that God created them to be. For a personal free consultation on how I can help you achieve your God given goals and dreams please use the contact form below. I look forward to helping you become all you were created to be.

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Sexual Integrity 101

This eight week course is a co-ed introduction to what biblical sexual integrity looks like and the roots of some of our unwanted sexual behavior.  Created by Pure Desire Ministries, this series takes an in depth look at the physical, spiritual and relational ramifications of unhealthy sexual behaviors.  Please contact us for available times and dates both in person and online.

Cleansing Stream Ministries

Healing and restoration requires an holistic approach that engages the body, soul and spirit. Our ministry partner at Cleansing Stream Ministries offer spiritual healing and deliverance for many issues including sexual brokenness and betrayal. For dates and times for classes and retreats, please contact them at 

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